About The Ayers

Michael J. Ayers, MPA,M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP,API,SPA,Hon-ALPE,FSWPP

Wedding, Portrait, Corporate & Aerial Photographers.

Michael and Pam Ayers founded their photography studio on Thanksgiving Day in 1986, specializing in wedding, portrait, and corporate photography. Today, they are regarded as some of the world’s best! They have developed a widespread reputation of artistry, creativity, and success all over the planet. Michael’s honors include WPPI’s International Photographer of the Year and the International Leadership Award from the United Nations. He’s also the only United States citizen to complete Canada’s Master of Photographic Arts degree. His custom albums have been viewed at exhibitions all over the world and he has lectured to more than 50,000 fellow photographers from over 100 countries.


  • International Photographer of the Year (WPPI)
  • United Nations International Leadership Award
  • Master of Photographic Arts Degree (PPOC)
  • Master of Photography Degree (PPA)
  • Photographic Craftsman Degree (PPA)
  • Approved Photographic Instructor (PPA)
  • Certified Professional Photographer (PPA/PPO)
  • International lecturer and keynote speaker
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (WPPI)
  • Fellow of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
  • Honorary Craftsman, Guild of Photography, United Kingdom
  • National Wedding Album of the Year (PPOC)
  • Honorary Accolade of Lifetime Photographic Excellence (WPPI)


  • "One of the world’s best wedding photographers." - Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

  • "America’s Fastest Photographer." - Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the United Kingdom

  • "The Ayers of Ohio are top-drawer photographs professionals." - Studio Photography Magazine

  • "One of the best wedding album designers in the world." - Rangefinder Magazine

  • "Michael Ayers is respected by photographers all over the world." - Photo District News

  • "The Ayers are the world leader in albums." - Peter Dyer, M.Photog.,Cr.,F-ASP,FBIPP, London, England

  • "Albums and images by the Ayers are an inspiration to the industry." - Frank Cricchio

  • "One class act." - Monte Zucker